Incentive bonus was reinvested in the crowdlending

There is something new about the incentive bonus. This bonus, paid to employees in companies that have put in place a profit-sharing agreement, will now be automatically paid into a company savings plan (PEE).

The measure provided will come into force on 1 January 2016. The EPE is a collective savings system that allows employees to build up a portfolio of securities. It can be fed by the collaborator, but also by contributions from his employer, called “contributions”.

Profit-sharing bonuses recoverable within three months

Profit-sharing bonuses recoverable within three months

The amount of the incentive bonus is based either on the company’s results or on the performance elements set in advance such as the achievement of financial objectives or the improvement of productivity.

From next January, if the employee does not request the immediate payment of this premium or, if there is such a device in his company, his assignment to a time savings account (CET) within 15 days after becoming aware of its amount, it will be paid by default on the PEE. The measure applies in the same way for business-to-business savings plans (PIPs), which apply to SMEs.

However, it remains possible for the employee to reconsider his choice within three months of notification of the allocation of the amounts on a PEE (or PEI). He can then recover the amount of the premium in the form of a single payment. On the other hand, if an employer contribution has been paid in addition to the profit-sharing, the rights generated by the employer will be paid back to the company.

Contribute to corporate finance 

Contribute to corporate finance & nbsp;

All companies can set up a profit-sharing agreement, regardless of their size and legal status. If they are awarded to PEE, the premiums that accrue to the employee will be blocked for a period of five years.

That is why it is important to react within three months to benefit from an exceptional release.

The money recovered by the employee can be used to finance the real economy

The money recovered by the employee can be used to finance the real economy

And if he wonders where to put his money, crowdlending, or crowdfunding by the loan, makes it possible to contribute to the development of start-ups and SMEs.

By lending money, the employee of a large group can invest in a small business by financing his projects while earning interest. A double investment … interesting.